Who are OneLinQ?

OnelinQ unlocks multiple payment capabilities from banks and service providers enabling businesses to pay and collect with one process and one channel.

We are at the core of the payment industry developments and many companies have chosen our technology. Our unique approach makes it easy to pay and collect via one process and one single connection to an innovative scalable platform.

OneLinQ integrates directly into your existing workflows and processes, bringing payments and data into one channel. It puts us in a unique position to enable you not only to collaborate more effectively and get unparalleled insight into your operations, but also to achieve business outcomes faster than ever before.


  • Delivery in a single file, in a single format, via a single channel

  • Bank and format-independent; easy to switch or add banks

  • Fewer manual processes, and reduced errors

  • Increased efficiency and lower costs

  • Saas solution; reliable, secure and easy to implement

  • Dashboard giving a complete management overview